March 30, 2008

Canada Still Feels Fallout From New NAFTA Deal

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03/30/2019 Toronto, Ontario — In a what is seen as a sour deal for Canadians, the latest NAFTA agreement continues to hurt the countries prized industries. Many lumberjack and ice fisherman jobs have been moved south to the United States. Meanwhile, Canadian seal clubbers have maintained their jobs due to their union. Meanwhile, many traditionally American jobs like Internet domain squatting and literary magazine editing have slowly moved to Mexico.

Economists state that this is a normal shift in the world economy and that Americans and Canadians shouldn’t worry about the loss of jobs. Many note that some jobs have moved north. A sharp increase in Canadian actors has been noted in Hollywood and the first Canadian Gladiator (“Chinook”) in the American Gladiators television show has been a huge hit.

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