March 28, 2008

ICEHOTEL is the Hottest Room in Town

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03/28/2019 Stockholm, Sweden — Question: Where’s the premier place to take your honey? Answer: The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. While this crystal paradise was once affordable for the simply rich, recent increases in nightly rates have made the establishment only affordable to the world’s super wealthy.

“Recent design overhauls have made the amenities at the ICEHOTEL even more exclusive,” stated Sven Hukärikki, manager of the ICEHOTEL. The design changes include fewer, but larger rooms with thinner walls. Some rooms that were formerly comfortably standard are now luxurious suites.

“Economic-environmental fluctuations have made living in ice a high demand/high cost experience,” said Hukärikki.

The news of the ICEHOTEL rate increases comes in the wake of the announcement of more rooms and lower rates at the newly established “Pacific Plaza,” the hotel that is underwater where Hawaii used to be.

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