March 27, 2008

Biofuel Circuit Overtakes NASCAR

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03/27/2019 Martinsville, Va. — What started as an environmentally-conscious reaction to traditional auto racing, has now become the most popular game in town. The Biofuel Action Series (BAS) has proven popular even among the most hardcore NASCAR fans. The BAS races the same tracks with “stock” cars that run on rendered oil, the kind that is commonly found at fast-food restaurants.

“It’s great,” said racing fan Nathan “Duke” Carter. “It looks, sounds, and feels like NASCAR. It smells like In-N-Out Burger. You just can’t beat that.”

Many of the BAS teams that formerly worked in NASCAR are adjusting to the fuel in the new circuit. Using resources from America help the environment, economy, and national security. It does very little, however, for the nation’s waistline.

“It turns out trans-fat oils make a better fuel than the non-trans fat variety,” said Aamco Car #28 Crew Chief Billy Weathers. “We want to get our oil from a smaller, Southern chain like Wimpy’s and avoid health conscious chains like KFC.”

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