March 25, 2008

The Newest Fad: Dial-Up Chic

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03/24/2019 New York, NY — Per usual, what’s old is new again. This axiom is common in the fashion world, but rarely is the prospect of stepping back in the technology realm favorable. But the latest trend is bucking the norm: dial-up chic. A small, but growing group of twenty somethings have downloaded the old mechanical, screeching sound that used to accompany fax machines and internet modems. The sound is often added as the log on sound and, in some instances, as a ringback on cell phones.

“It’s a very comforting sound,” stated Colby Farmer, a junior philosophy major at Hunter College, N.Y. “A lot of people my age remember that sound as we first connected to the internet. It was a sound of anticipation and hope. That sound was going to take you to your dreams at, hopefully, 50.2k bits per second.”

The sound hasn’t been in used in practice for a number of years. As land line telephones go, so go dial-up connections. A Google search shows that a handful of companies in rural areas in Mississippi and Arkansas still offer a dial-up connection to their customers. But while these new “dial-uppers” desire the siren of their youth, only the most dedicated fans yearn for the sluggish speed.

“I don’t get it. I cringe everytime I hear that noise. It only brings back bad memories of lagging video games and five-hour long downloads,” said Nick Genese, 34, owner of Genese Design.

But the youth carry on.

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  1. Rev. Spaminator said,

    And here I sit in 2008 recalling the sound of acoustically coupled 300 baud modems from the days of my youth. 🙂

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